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August 25, 2020
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How to Care For and Maintain Contemporary Area Rugs

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Area rugs have been popular in homes for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Asian societies that used them to cover dirt floors, and used them in the palaces of emperors, nobles and other royalties. Today, area rugs are still a hot fashionable commodity in most homes. They serve to augment the interior dcor by offering a tonality, fashion and flare the makes any room stand apart from another room in the house. Most people will spend hundreds of their dollars, if not more, acquiring the area rugs that they desire, yet many fail to adequately care for their rugs and the longevity of them is compromised as a result. However, there are some rather simple steps that you can follow to care for your rugs and be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Vacuuming and General Care

The most important way that you can care for your area rugs is to vacuum them thoroughly and often. When dust and dirt settles on the rug they can get ground deep into the fibers, causing decay and deterioration. By vacuuming your rugs regularly you can capture that dust and dirt before it has time to damage your rug fibers. For delicate rugs avoid using the brushed attachments, rather use a standard vacuum nozzle and delicately hose the surface to pick up dirt and debris.

When you vacuum any rug, make sure you make your strokes against the nap, this way you can suck dirt out of the rug instead of potentially pushing it further into it--to find the nap brush your hand against the rug and the smooth side of the rug is the nap. From time to time you will also want to flip your rug over and vacuum the underside to remove any dirt that may have gotten trapped underneath the rug. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum your rug at least once per week, and for higher traffic rugs, two-three times per week.

Rotation of the Rug

To keep your rug looking sheen and new, make sure that you rotate the rug at least two times per year. This will allow other areas of the rug to gain equal exposure to the elements, assuring that the rug ages equally and looks the same on all sides for years to come. The last thing that you want to encounter is a rug that has faded on one side but is bright and sheen on the other. By rotating your rug every so often you can avoid having to worry about this. Think of your rug like a set of tires: it needs to be rotated every so often.

Apply and Use Rug Pads

Rug pads are very important for a few reasons. They keep your rug in place and prevent slippage. They add a cushion to the rug that creates extra durability and softness underneath the feet. And, they prevent lines from hard wood flooring or tile, like grout lines, from ruining the underside of your area rug.


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