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June 7, 2020
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Don't Make These Mistakes When Organizing Your Clothing Closets

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It is tempting to throw anything that gets in your way into your clothing closet. While this gets items out of your way for the time being, it can make your clothing closet a terrible mess. You will not be able to find your clothes when you need them if you make your clothing closet a catch-all. There are several clothing closet no-nos.

Keeping all your seasonal clothes in one closet. It is better to have one closet for your warm weather clothes and one for your cold weather clothes. This will limit the number of garments you have to look through to find the ones you want.

Putting office supplies in your clothing closet. Ink cartridges for you printer, boxes of pencils or staples, and hanging file folders do not belong in with your clothes. Reams of computer paper can take up valuable space that could be used for shoes or accessories. These supplies are better put in a closet of their own.

Storing linens with your clothing. Many people put their blankets, sheets, and sometimes even towels and washcloths in the same closet with their clothing. These items are bulky and take up so much room that they drastically cut down on the amount of space for clothing. They have a place, a linen closet.

Wheeling the vacuum cleaner into the clothing closet. It is so easy to push the vacuum right into the closet when you finish cleaning your room. It is out of sight and out of mind, that is until you want to get some clothing or shoes out. It is best to put the vacuum in a utility closet with brooms and dust mops.

Leaving pantry items in your clothing closet. Sometimes, the clothing closet seems to be a convenient place to store canned goods or a picnic basket. If you do not have an actual pantry, there are other options for storing these items where they will not be in the way. A cabinetmaker can give advice on pantry cabinets.

Hiding important documents in with your clothing. Sometimes, these are small documents such as a birth certificate or a marriage license. These can be placed in a safe deposit box or a personal safe where they will not get lost among your clothing. Other documents consist of large file boxes that can be put into a locking closet, perhaps fitting in the office supply closet.

Placing dirty clothing or shoes in a clothing closet. First, dirty clothing should never be put into the closet with the clean clothes. It should be put into a hamper, probably in the bathroom, or at least in the bedroom. Also, shoes should be kept by the door until they have been cleaned enough to put with the clean items in the clothing closet.

If you take heed of these clothing closet no-nos you will find that your closet is clean and organized. You will be able to locate what you want to wear, and get to it easily. Besides all that, your other items will be in places where you can find them too.


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