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21 Mar 20
Let's say it's the middle of summer and the heat is bearing down on you, and your air conditioner breaks down. I bet you would do anything to not pay all that money to have it repaired. Before you race to the phone directory to find an air conditioner repair company, there are some simple repairs you can do yourself to get your air conditioner blowing cold once again.

Cleaning your car upholstery is one simple and easy way that help maintain the value of your car.

02 Apr 20

What is a central vacuum?A central vacuum is a where you have a centralised vacuuming system with outlets throughout the house to attach the hose.

10 Apr 20

The Pomeranian is a favorite among the toy groups. Its endearing fox-like face and comically poofy coat are almost irresistible.

08 May 20

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25 May 20
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Do Home Air Ducts Really Need to Be Cleaned
All year long I'm swamped with junk mail advertising those services that come into your home and actually vacuum out all the accumulated dust and debris (and even mold) that builds up the metal ducts of any sort of forced air heating or air conditioner system.
17 Jun 20
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Dust Mites: Controlling These Critters
Anyone suffering from rhinitis allergica, or bronchial asthma, knows that common household dust can be a very serious problem. What asthma sufferers might not realize is that dust mites are a huge contributing factor to their attacks.
22 Jul 20
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Get Your Kids to Clean Their Room
Getting your kids to clean their room should not be a chore for you. There are ways to help kids understand the importance of keeping their room clean and showing them how easy it is to keep everything in its place by helping them the first few times.
03 Aug 20
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Getting Your Carpets as Clean as Possible
The most important part of carpet maintenance is removing and disposing of accumulated dry soil. The removal of dry soil will improve the air quality indoors, extend carpet life, and help to maintainthe carpet.
06 Sep 20
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Home Improvements - Have You Got All The Materials Required?
The materials that you will need to take on a home improvement project depends the task at hand. With any home improvement or repair job, you will need many types of tools and materials.
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01 Jul 20
We know we're supposed to be "going green" at home: getting rain barrels to help with water conservation; unplugging appliances when not in use reduce unnecessary energy usage; and replacing old windows with energy efficient ones reduces your home's carbon footprint.
16 Aug 20
A vacuum cleaner is one of the most expensive pieces of home cleaning equipment we own. There are many types of vacuum cleaners in the marketplace today to choose from and often makes the decision about which one to buy difficult. Knowing what to look for will shorten the process and assure you that you're choosing the right one.
28 Sep 20
Are you concerned about the dust and germs that can accumulate over time on your child's favorite plush animal toys? As lovable and huggable as these stuffed toys may be, furry objects can attract a lot of dust. But, of course, you don't want to damage your child's plush pal! There are a few simple ways to clean, disinfect, and refresh plush animals without destroying any of their charm.
Newest Blogs
08 Jul 20
External parasites live on a cats skin. They not only cause irritation, but sometimes carry other diseases. As you groom your cat, examine its coat for any evidence of parasites. You want to look carefully for these parasites and see your vet if you find anything unusual. Sometime your cat will scratch to tip you off - othertimes there might be no telltale signs of infection.
25 Aug 20
Area rugs have been popular in homes for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Asian societies that used them to cover dirt floors, and used them in the palaces of emperors, nobles and other royalties. Today, area rugs are still a hot fashionable commodity in most homes.
25 Oct 20
If you're lucky enough to have a "guest bathroom", one that isn't used by the family and one where you can always keep clean hand towels hanging for the guests, good for you. For most of us however, we have one or two bathrooms, and they both get a lot of use from the family members on a daily basis. Let's see how you can organize your bathroom so that it's guest ready too.
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