Vacuum Cleaner Bags

When a vacuum cleaner is at work, a stream of air passes through the cleaner, entering through the intake port and goes out through the exhaust port. This stream of air carries with it the dirt and dust particles sucked in by the vacuum. Before the dirt filled air exits through the exhaust port, it goes through the dust bag or filter system. The vacuum cleaner bags are made of porous woven material, usually cloth or paper. They act as an air filter. The tiny holes in the bag are large enough to let the air pass through but too small for most dust particles to go through. Thus, when the air streams into the bag, all the air moves on through the filter material, but the dirt and dust collect in the bag.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners existed even before bagged vacuums made their appearance. In the bagless vacuums, dust was collected into a dust bag, usually made of cloth. When the bag got full, the dust unit had to be taken off and after emptying the dust into a garbage bin, refitted into the vacuum. The entire operation used to be messy. After a few operations, the bag’s filtration used to get clogged with dust resulting in loss of vacuum’s suction power. It had to be washed in a washing machine often. These difficulties drove to the invention of vacuums with disposable bags. Of course, the bagless vacuums of today, do not use bags to collect the dust; the dust instead, collects into a dust container which can be emptied when full and fitted back. The containers are made of transparent material and hence it is possible to be aware of the level of dust. The main advantage of bagless cleaners is that they save on the replacement cost of dust bags. One need not hold a stock of the vacuum cleaner bags at home. A disadvantage however, is that emptying and fitting back the container can often be messy. Dust can escape back into air when emptying. This would be especially harmful if there are allergy sufferers around.

Bagged vacuum cleaners

Bagged vacuum cleaners collect dust into disposable bags. The bags can be disposed off when full avoiding all the mess of cleaning and fitting back. The filtration is much better here as most vacuums use an additional layer of filter like HEPA. Higher or thicker the filtration, harder it is for the air to pass through. It takes more suction power to push the air through tighter and high filtration bags. With this in mind, you have the option of choosing the filtration in keeping with your needs. There are vacuums that have HEPA disposable bags which can filter dirt and dust of up to 0.01 micron. Mircron magic bags which can filter debris of up to 0.33 microns are also available. If you want good filtration then go with Micron Magic Filtration and your vacuum will have extra power. If you or people around you are suffering asthma or allergies, then choose a vacuum with HEPA vacuum cleaner bags.

Benefits of using Vacuum cleaner bags

  • They avoid the messy procedure of emptying the dust in to a bin and fitting back.
  • Disposing the dust is easy – Just take out the bag and throw it away
  • Filtration system tends to be better with additional HEPA filtration
  • People suffering asthma or allergies have the option of choosing better filtration bags


  • You have to pay for the disposable bags. It is a recurring expenditure
  • You have to remember to maintain a stock of the disposable bags. Your cleaning operation will be affected if in the middle of the cleaning job, you realize that there is no bag to replace.
  • You may not be able to use a bag of any type or make for your machine. It becomes necessary to buy your stock of bags well in advance from the specific dealer
  • Vacuum may suffer a loss of suction as the bag gets full. However, the modern vacuums have come up with digital indicators to warn you when it is time to change the bag

Vacuum cleaner bags should be changed regularly to keep your vacuum running smoothly. Full vacuum bags lead to reduced suction. Purchase genuine disposable vacuum bags to keep your vacuum operating at its peak performance. All you need to quickly find the right Vacuum Cleaner Bag is the brand name and model name of your vacuum cleaner. These details can be found on the model plate of your vacuum cleaner – normally on the back of the unit.

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