Tips for a clean household

Clean Household

Clean homes and clean environment promote healthy living. Dust and dirt cause health problems. Infants, those suffering from asthma and allergies, the sick and the elderly suffer most from dirt and dust. But cleaning does take a lot of your leisure time and requires effort. Fortunately we have vacuum cleaners to make our cleaning jobs safe and easy. Vacuum cleaner reviews will help you find a vacuum that suits your environment.
Here are a few tips to help you keep a clean household:

Window Cleaning

Often we postpone our cleaning job because we realize we have run out of cleaning detergent. Don’t worry! You can use something that has been tried and tested and is readily available too. Add a few drops of vinegar essence or spirit to warm water. Citric acid or vinegar is very effective for removing even the most stubborn dirt from your windows. If you add a drop of glycerin to your cleaning water, dust will not cling to windows or mirrors easily.
Do not clean windows when the sun is shining bright. Bright sunshine dries the windows too quickly leaving ugly stains.

Flooring Care

Wooden and laminate flooring are easy to maintain. Wipe the flooring regularly with a mop. Do not use a mop that has water dripping from it. Squeeze the mop dry before use. Remember water is the biggest enemy of wooden flooring and stagnating water can damage the flooring. Occasional wax coating will keep the wooden flooring shining and make it last longer. White laundry washing powder contains lighteners. For stubborn dirt, add a little of this washing powder to the warm water (40 to 60 deg Celsius)used for mopping.
Sand and dirt particles with their abrasive-effect can damage wood and laminate flooring. These tend to cling to the mop while wiping. Hence, it is advisable to clean the surface using a vacuum cleaner, before mopping. Vacuum cleaner will remove the dust, sand particles and pet hair.

Cleaning Carpets

Vacuum your carpets regularly at least once a week. Vacuum cleaners can remove loose dust easily. If you find dried-in substances, remove those using a spoon or back of a knife, and then run a vacuum cleaner. For heavily soiled carpets, use a commercially available cleaning agent.

For those with dust allergies

Dust mites are pretty harsh on people suffering from allergies. Mites secrete excrement, which after drying breaks into fine dust. This dust causes allergic reaction in people.
Thinking of purchasing a carpet? Look for low-pile carpet. A vacuum cleaner can effectively remove dirt and allergy causing fine dust from such carpets.
If you are using a vacuum with dust bags, change the vacuum cleaner bag at least once every 2 months. This will ensure that your vacuum cleaner operates with optimum suction power.
Get rid of thick curtains. They are potential dust catchers.

Maintain a clean, dust free environment and enjoy a healthy life.