Shark Vacuum Reviews

Shark Vacuum Reviews
Shark is a brand of cleaning appliances, developed by Euro-pro. Euro-pro has been in the business of providing quality home appliances for over a century. It manufactures kitchen appliances under the well known brand, ninja blenders. Euro-pro originated its business in Europe and later moved over to America and now has its headquarters in Massachusetts. The company is known to introduce home and kitchen appliances that are innovative, value for money and in tune with the trendy life style of the modern consumer.
Shark brand of sweepers and cleaners are well received in the market. It is the recognized market leader of steam cleaning technology. The light weight and widely popular shark steam mop has revolutionized cleaning jobs replacing the need for harsh chemicals.

Shark vacuum reviews

With shark vacuums, you have a solution for all your cleaning needs, be it sweeping, cleaning,or steam mopping your floors. They are built powerful for cleaning every type of floor – hardwood, tile, carpet, marble and bare and are efficient at removing pet hair. Innovative design and accessories help to access and clean hard to reach areas.

Shark Rotator

Shark vacuum reviews lists the advanced and innovative features that make the Shark Rotator, a next generation vacuum. The vacuum is engineered to maintain its suction power through out the cleaning jobs, on all types of surfaces. When there is no loss of suction power, the toughest of dust and dirt on every cleaning surface, is removed with ease. The main features of the Shark Rotator vacuums are :

  • There is no loss of suction power
  • Anti allergen complete seal technology prevents spread of disease causing bacteria
  • Enhanced swivel steering enables the vacuum to clean all areas – corners, under the chairs and tables
  • Superior cleaning with bush roll control makes it ideal for all surface cleaning
  • Specialised tools ensure all pet hair is picked up
  • Low on maintenance as the belt and filters last a lifetime

Shark Rotator Models

You will find four models under Shark Rotator brand and all of them have the above mentioned basic features :

  1. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away
  2. Shark Rotator Professional with XL Reach
  3. Shark Rotator Professional
  4. Shark Rotator Vac or Steam

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Shark Navigator

Shark Navigator vacuums are designed light and maneuverable. Let not the light weight, fool you. The vacuums are packed with suction power to clean every surface in your home. They feature the patented ‘never lose suction’ technology. Vacuum loses its suction power, when its filters clog with dirt. Shark Navigator keeps the filters clean by pulling away all the dust and dirt from the filter, thereby ensuring stable suction power.
Shark Navigators feature:

  • Superior deep carpet and bare floor cleaning – unique 2-motor system with brush-roll shutoff
  • Smooth glide wheels make for easy maneuverability and effortless cleaning
  • Unique 24 inch crevice tool can access the vacuum to hard-to-reach areas
  • The power nozzle and handheld power brush make it an ideal vacuum for pet hair removal
  • Easy maintenance with zero costs

Shark Navigator Models

  1. Shark Navigator Freestyle – SV1106
  2. Shark Navigator Light – NV100
  3. Shark Navigator – NV22
  4. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuums

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Shark Hand & Cordless Vacuums

The cordless vacuums do away with the need to constantly shift the vacuum cords. You don’t need to pause in between your cleaning jobs, to maneuver around the cords. Shark cordless vacuums are convenient, powerful but lightweight. Being cordless they are highly maneuverable.

Hand and Cordless vacuum models

  1. Shark Navigator Freestyle – SV1106
  2. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vac – SV75
  3. hark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vac – SV780
  4. Shark Cordless Floor & Carpet Sweeper – V1950

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Shark vacuum reviews finds two stand out features – stable suction power on account of the patented ‘never lose suction’ technology and zero maintenance cost – that make the shark brand vacuums desirable and worth owning.