Shark Navigator Lift Away Reviews

shark navigator lift away reviewsShark is a brand of cleaning appliances developed by Euro-Pro. It has been in the business of providing innovative solutions for keeping your home and the environment clean. Euro-pro also manufactures small kitchen appliances under the brand ‘ninja blenders’.

Shark pioneered the use of steam cleaning technology – technology that replaces the need for using harmful chemicals in floor cleaning. It is now recognized as the market leader in steam cleaning.

Here at Shark navigator lift away reviews we analyse the features, and list the pros and cons of Sharp navigator lift away vacuums.

Shark navigator lift away

Shark navigator lift away upright vacuums are another addition to the shark brand of cleaning appliances. Navigator vacuums are built to give a superior cleaning performance without loss of suction power.

Powerful suction

The vacuum is equipped with 1200 watts power – enough suction power to pick up both the visible and hidden dirt. The suction power effectively cleans every type of surface, from bare floors and area rugs to the thickest of carpets. The suction power combines with powerful tools, to quickly and easily lift pet hair and other embedded dirt from carpeted stairs, upholstery and other surfaces.

No loss of suction

A Vacuum’s cleaning performance depends on its suction power. Dirty or clogged filters reduce the suction power. Advanced cyclonic technology, used in Shark vacuums, separates the dust from the air going through the vacuum. This prevents even fine dust from clogging the filters. As a result, there is ‘no loss of suction power’ giving you an uniform cleaning performance on every type of surface.

Swivel steering

sharkSharp Navigator is equipped with swivel steering; moving the vacuum becomes effortlessly easy. You can steer the vacuum around obstacles on the floor surface without having to stop in between to move the furniture heads and other obstacles out of the vacuum’s cleaning path. Cleaning out-of-reach places like under tables, chairs and sofa sets is not hard anymore.

Light weight

sharkUnlike uprights that are feared to weigh heavy, this upright vacuum weighs light – only 12.5 pounds. You enjoy all the benefits of a light weight machine – effortlessly push, pull, lift, carry and store the vacuum. Light weight does not mean it is low on power. It has the same powerful suction as that of a 16 pound machine.

Portable lift away

sharkWith the lift away feature, the canister can operate independently of the sweeping body. This feature makes Shark navigator lift away an ideal vacuum for cleaning stair case steps, upholstery, hard-to-reach areas around your home and inside of your car. The light weight – canister weighs only 7.5 pounds – makes it convenient to clean every space on the floor and ceiling and in between.

Complete seal technology

Most modern vacuums come equipped with HEPA filters. It is possible that some dust and allergens may escape into the atmosphere, around the filter through tiny openings. Shark Navigator claims that its ‘complete sealed technology’ holds 99.9% dust in side the dust container. Even low levels of dust particles in the air can cause health problems. It would be especially severe on people suffering from asthma or allergies. When the vacuum is completely sealed dust and allergens are prevented from escaping back into the air. The Lift-Away is certified by the British Allergy Foundation.

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  • Light weight makes for easy handling
  • Good suction power helps clean all type of floor surfaces
  • Lift away feature gives the convenience of cleaning steps, hard-to-reach areas, upholstery and car interiors
  • Easy maintenance – periodical cleaning and washing will last the filters for life
  • Includes Accessories for every type of cleaning


  • The dust container tends to fill up with one vacuuming. This is also indicative of the vacuum’s effective cleaning.
  • The length of the power cord is not sufficient in larger homes or in homes having larger area rooms. Use of extension cord becomes necessary.
  • The vacuum topples over when used with the hose due to the vacuum’s light weight.

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Shark Navigator Lift Away has very positive customer reviews with a customer rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5.0, which is considered very good. On the basis of the user experience and customer reviews. Shark Navigator Lift Away Reviews recommends this vacuum.