Rainbow Vacuum

Rainbow vacuum cleaner Vacuum cleaners collect the dirt and dust sucked in during the process of cleaning, into dust bags or dust containers. Some of the dust particles may escape through tiny pores in the dust bags or small openings in the dust containers or during the process of emptying the collected dirt and dust. This dirt and dust reenters into the atmosphere causing pollution and health problems. Rainbow vacuum cleaners are built different; the dust and dirt is gathered and deposited into water. Wet dust cannot rise and return to the atmosphere. For this reason, rainbows are touted as the most efficient cleaners.


Rexair, the company that manufactures Rainbow, was first established in 1926 to build bagless vacuums. In 1939, T.Hill joined Rexair, suggesting that water could be used to trap dust and dirt. Vacuum design was changed to accommodate the idea of using water to trap dirt and dust. The new design became a big hit as a vacuum cleaner with ability to clean airborne dust. In 1955, Rexair distributed vacuums under a new brand name, Rainbow. Vacuum cleaners under the new brand, sported a sleek, streamlined design with a motor that was twice as powerful as the earlier models.

Features of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Rainbows are rated as the most dependable canister vacuums. They are popular because they are capable of trouble free performance over many years. In fact, people owning them have been using them for over 25 years. This brand of vacuums are powerful deep cleaners. They gather 99.9% dust. The dust stays gathered and trapped in water without any chance of escaping and mixing back into air. As a result, they reduce allergies and are eco-friendly. Rainbows are bagless vacuums as they use water to filter the air going through. These vacuums can clean and dry up wet spills, mop floors, shampoo carpets and can also function as an air purifier.

Rainbow e2

The most recent vacuum under the brand is the Rainbow e2. This cleaner is equipped with the latest technology that combines the power of air and the power of water, making it the best cleaning system. The e2 features a separator that retains the dirt and dust within the machine and deposits the same in to the water stored in a basin below. Rainbow vacuum features a powerful hurricane motor and a height adjustable nozzle. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) has certified this product as an air cleaner designed to reduce air pollutants.

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