Pet Vacuum Cleaners

Pet Vacuum Cleaners

Pet owners are well aware of the problems involved in maintaining their homes. One of the biggest problems they face is removing pet hair. Hair falling from the dog or cat flies everywhere. Many suffer allergic reactions from pet hair. The falling hair often gets stuck into carpets and upholstery. Traditional methods of cleaning are not often successful in picking up pet hair. This is where the utility of pet vacuum cleaners comes in.

Vacuum manufacturers, recognizing the vast scope that exists in pet hair cleaning, have come out with vacuum cleaners for pet hair cleaning. Such cleaners have high suction power to clean up all the hair.

Features of a pet hair vacuum cleaner

These units have special features and attachments that make the job of pet hair cleaning, easy and effortless.

Power and Suction

Most home vacuum cleaners use brushrolls to clean the carpets. But pet hair and fur tends to wrap around the brushroll and often rolls back onto the carpet. The user has the frustrating job of cutting out the pet hair out of the brushroll. To overcome this drawback, vacuum cleaner – pet hair, comes with high power and suction. High power and suction suck the pet hair into the vacuum bags without allowing it to wrap around the brushroll. Hence, when looking for vacuum cleaners for pet hair, look for a vacuum that has sufficient suction power.

Vacuum Tubing

Vacuum tubing plays an important part in maintaining the suction power. The tube needs to be large; it should be in the middle of the vacuum; and it should be straight without bends. This will enable the suction power go all the way across the head so that the hair is sucked up without allowing it to wrap around the brush roll. Small vacuum tubing with bends will reduce the suction power.

Brush bristles

The brushroll bristles need to be stiff so that they can comb the carpet of all the pet hair. Soft bristles will not be able to pick all the hair.

Upright vacuums

When it comes to pet hair cleaning, upright vacuums seem to perform better than their canister counterparts. This is because they come with motorised brush heads which are better at picking up fur from the carpets and upholstery. However, these days canisters also come with turbo brushes that are designed specially for this job.

Filtration methods

Pet dander, feces, urine and saliva are potential health hazards. They can be breeding ground for mold, fungi and bacteria. A vacuum with a HEPA filter has the ability to catch 99.97% of the smallest particles of up to 0.3 microns. Therefore, if you are looking for vacuum cleaner for pet hair, then choose one that has HEPA filter.

Best Pet Vacuum Cleaners

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