Bagless vacuum cleaner Vs Bagged vacuum cleaner thumbnail

Which is better? A bagged vacuum cleaner or a bagless vacuum cleaner? This is the oft repeated question when someone decides to buy a vacuum. Choice of a vacuum cleaner type is more of a personal preference than a matter of vacuum peformance. A listing of the pros and cons of the bagged and bagless [...]

Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1, 96H

Eureka Quick Up Cordless combines the features of a cordless, upright, stick, handheld vacuum cleaner. Yet it is a lightweight compact vacuum. Eureka Quick Up Cordless can clean both bare floors and area rugs. Mechanised bush roll makes moving from hard floor to rug areas easy. The On/Off switch for the busy roll is conveniently [...]

Dirt Devil Dynamite Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Dynamite true to its name, blasts all the dirt and dust in its path. The dynamite features dynapower technology. The technology gives the vacuum strong suction power. A powerful motor combined with a revolving brush pick and trap all the dirt and dust from deep within the carpets. Dirt Devil dynamite features an [...]

Hoover Canister Vacuum S3865

This is a member of the Hoover Platinum Collection series. The Hoover canister vacuum features a multi-stage cyclonic filtration system and the WindTunnel Technology. A detachable telescopic wand and numerous on-board tools help to clean the entire home from floor to ceiling. Variety of tools and attachments make Hoover canister vacuum, an ideal partner for [...]

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner, 4200

The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is designed for sweeping and mopping hard surface floors. This robotic cleaner cleans the floor picking up the dust, dirt and pet hair using dry or wet cleaning cloths. The compact design makes it possible to go into small spaces, under furniture and other areas which other traditional cleaners find [...]

hardwood floor vacuum

Hard wood floors have replaced the traditional concrete and tiled floors in houses. Hard wood flooring adds luster to homes. It does sport a luxurious feel and appearence. To make the gloss and feel last for long and to avoid damage or discoloration, the floor needs to be maintained with care. Dust, dirt and dirt [...]

bissell poweredge hard floor vacuum

It is said that the BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum captures debris and dust which can otherwise be done only by a broom and dustpan. The vacuum captures debris and dust in corners and small open spaces. It is great on catching pet hair on rugs and along furniture edges. The unit requires no extra [...]

black and decker phv1810 vacuum cleaner

Black and Decker PHV1810 is an 18 volt cordless hand held vacuum cleaner providing the ultimate convenience of a cordless appliance. 18 volt power and high performance motor gives high suction power to pick up dust, dust particles and loose hair and fur from even small opening spaces. The cordless feature avoids all the problems [...]

eureka 71b hand held vacuum

Eureka 71B hand held vacuum is a product from Eureka Forbes, a company that is most admired for its consumer durables. The company is the pioneer and leader in water and air purification systems and vacuum cleaners. It claims to be the undisputed leader in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners, having sold more than all [...]

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is part of the Hoover Platinum Collection series. The entire collection, aimed at providing a new level of luxury to the user, features sleek design along with a cutting edge cleaning technology. The product is equipped with the patented WindTunnel technology. Three suction tunnels and rotating brushes provide enough [...]