best cheap vacuum cleaner

You are here looking for an inexpensive vacuum? You would need to put in an extra effort than normal. But it would be worth the extra effort because it might help you find the best cheap vacuum cleaners. Choosing a cheaper alternative does not mean finding any vacuum that is cheapest in price. The cleaner [...]

Clean household

Clean homes and clean environment promote healthy living. Dust and dirt cause health problems. Infants, those suffering from asthma and allergies, the sick and the elderly suffer most from dirt and dust. But cleaning does take a lot of your leisure time and requires effort. Fortunately we have vacuum cleaners to make our cleaning jobs [...]

shark navigator lift away reviews

Shark is a brand of cleaning appliances developed by Euro-Pro. It has been in the business of providing innovative solutions for keeping your home and the environment clean. Euro-pro also manufactures small kitchen appliances under the brand 'ninja blenders'. Shark pioneered the use of steam cleaning technology - technology that replaces the need for using [...]

vacuum cleaner bags

When a vacuum cleaner is at work, a stream of air passes through the cleaner, entering through the intake port and goes out through the exhaust port. This stream of air carries with it the dirt and dust particles sucked in by the vacuum. Before the dirt filled air exits through the exhaust port, it [...]

Vacuum cleaner reviews HEPA-filter

High Efficiency Particulate Air - HEPA - is an air filter that traps dust and dirt particles which can cause health problems. The harmful particles can be in the form of pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke. Smoke let out by factories, fumes coming out of car exhaust are not the only air [...]

Shark vacuum reviews image

Shark is a brand of cleaning appliances, developed by Euro-pro. Euro-pro has been in the business of providing quality home appliances for over a century. It manufactures kitchen appliances under the well known brand, ninja blenders. Euro-pro originated its business in Europe and later moved over to America and now has its headquarters in Massachusetts. [...]

Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele is a German company, manufacturing premier brand of domestic appliances. Their products include laundry care, dishwashing, and vacuum cleaning. The company had its beginnings in 1899 through the pioneering efforts of its founders, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. Innovation has been the key to their success. Consistent success is possible only when continuous efforts [...]

miele bolero upright vacuum cleaner

Miele Bolero upright vacuum cleaner is sure to stun you with features never found before. The array of features makes it the best upright vacuum cleaner and is rated as such by owners and experts alike. The cleaner makes your cleaning job effortless and easy. The three standout features of this German-made vacuum are: Powerful [...]

Best vacuum for pet hair

We all love dogs and cats. Pets make us feel lovable. They do make our life fun and interesting. But one problem with the pets is that they shed hair. Pet hair and fur keeps flying all around the house. Pet owners know how difficult it is to clean the pet hair. The problem gets [...]

Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

You chose your vacuum cleaner going through online reviews and ratings and may be home vacuum cleaner reviews helped you too in your selection. The brand new unit is delivered to you and you decide to test it on your floor. Wow!. You are impressed with its efficiency at picking up all the dust. The [...]