Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004

Ninja Master Prep Professional qb1004An innovative mixer and food maker that combines Ninja Blender technology with powerful pulsing action to give you an indispensable kitchen appliance. The Ninja Master Prep Professional qb1004 crushes ice, chops vegetables and blends two times faster! 450W motor gives it the power to chop, grind, blend and puree any ingradients into a smooth consistent drink. The unique design allows you to create your food or drink and store and microwave the same without the need to transfer the contents into another container.

With the unit you get :

  • 1 48 oz Pitcher with blade set, Splash guard & storage lid
  • 1 40 oz. bowl with blade set & storage lid
  • 1 16 oz. chopper with blade set, splash guard & storage lid
  • 1 power pod, the interchangeable motor head
  • a recipe guide

Ninja Master Prep Professional qb1004 Features

  • Ninja qb1004 can blend hot, steamed or cooked ingredients into soup
  • The chopper, bowl and pitcher are all microwave safe
  • The pitcher, bowl and chopper are made of BPA-free SAN Plastic
  • Unique one speed pulsing system that allows you to have total control while pulsing and blending to desired consistency
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Professional black and stainless steel design

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  • Ninja qb1004 can crush solid ice cubes into fluffy snow
  • You can create creamy frozen drinks and desserts in seconds
  • It allows you to Mince, Dice, Chop, Blend and Puree effortlessly
  • Powerful, interchangeable Master Pod activates the 48 oz. Pitcher and the 16 oz. Bowl
  • You can create, store, microwave and serve the drink or food
  • No more the hassles of cleaning, finding and transferring the contents into another container


  • Ninja qb1004 can blend vegetables and fruits into drinkable liquids. but is not a juice extractor, may need to add additional liquieds or ice to reach the consistency you desire.
  • The unit comes with 3 Blade sets. Each blade is specifically designed for its designated container. One needs to exercise care in finding the designated blade set when changing containers.
  • A common complaint is that the Ninja master prep pro qb1004 cannot achieve snow from ice”. For this, the manufacturer’s manual instructs: “Do not use ice that has been sitting out or has started to melt. For best results use ice straight from the freezer”

Ninja Master Prep Professional qb1004 has innovative features for a healthy and comfortable living.

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