Ninja Kitchen System 1100 Model BL700

Ninja Kitchen System 1100The Ninja Kitchen system 1100 is a professional, high powered innovative kitchen appliance. It comes with a sleek design. The outstanding performance of this Ninja Blender 1100 is a true asset to any kitchen. It is perfect for ice crushing, blending, pureeing, and controlled processing. It also features a unique capability to knead dough for pizzas, breads, pretzels and cookies!

With the Ninja 1100 you get:

  • The system base and 40-oz processing bowl with blade and lid
  • 72 oz. pitcher with blade and lid
  • 6 blade assembly t0 be used in the 72 oz
  • 4 blade assembly to be used in the 40 oz bowl for ice crushing, blending, pureeing, chopping and controlled processing
  • whisk attachment, dough hook and dough paddle
  • dough paddle to be used inthe 40 oz bowl for cookie dough, dessert bars, batters and egg mixtures
  • dough hook to be used in the 40 oz bowl for various doughs, such as pizza, pretzel, biscuits and breads
  • whisk attachment to be used in the 72 oz pitcher for meringues, batters, whipped cream, mousse, dressings and egg mixtures

Product Features

  • Ninja Kitchen System 1100 Model BL700 can blend frozen fruits into delicious smoothies in a breeze
  • It can make creamy, soft serve ice cream and sorbets
  • Unit has a unique electronic system that allows the motor to stay at a controlled speed no matter the consistency of the ingredients
  • Three speed, PULSE-controlled processing
    1. Speed 1 (Dough)-making various types of dough, pizza, cookie, pretzel
    2. 2 (Blend) smoothies, fruit and vegetable blends
    3. 3 (Ice Crush)-frozen drinks
  • The containers are made of
    BPA-Free SAN plastic
  • With a 1000 watts motor, Ninja 1100 is powerful for executing any crushing, blending and grinding jobs
  • The blades are built to last long as they are made of stainless steel
  • The unit has 2 ft long cord. But you need not worry about the cord running along the kitchen top as there is a cord storage feature. The cord can be stuffed into the cord stuff box located in the back of the unit’s base
  • All of the blades, attachments and lids are dishwasher safe. Both 72 oz pitcher and 40 oz bowl are dishwasher safe as well

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  • Juice from Ninja Blender 1100 includes bothe the juice and pulp from your fruits and vegetables that contain nutrients that may get lose when using a juice extractor
  • The unit can grind nuts into nut butter
  • It can pulverize a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, some combinations will be tastier than others
  • You can make dough upto 1.5lbs, using the dough station and dough hook or dough paddle


  • Ninja 1100 can blend vegetables and fruits into drinkable liquids. However, it is not a juice extractor, so you may need to add liquid or ice to reach the consistency you desire

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