Mint Robotic Cleaners

mint robotic cleaners Mint Robotic Cleaners are from the house of Evolution Robotics. The company’s vision was to deliver an appliance that could automatically clean hard floors. The traditional methods of cleaning not only need a lot of effort but also consume time. The modern day busy consumer wants convenience without sacrificing cleanliness. The modern homes already enjoy automation in the form of cloth washers, cloth dryers, dish washers, home security systems and so why not automate home cleaning jobs too. And that is what Evolution Robotics has done, by introducing Mint brand of robotic cleaners, which are small, efficient and easy to use machines focused exclusively on cleaning hard surface floors.
The company manufacturing Mint robotic cleaners was founded in 1990, by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology robotics. It has been designing and building some of the world’s best robots. The robots have revolutionized the way people clean their homes. Floor cleaning has never been this easy. Turn on this little wonder before you go to bed. The mint cleaner is whisper-quiet when its working. Your sleep will never be disturbed. You would be astonished to wake up in the morning and step on to a clean floor. You don’t have to worry anymore about skipping your week end parties, to clean your home. The robot will take up the cleaning job when you are away.
Robot cleaners cannot be a substitute for a vacuum cleaner. Robots have limited functionality. They can at best sweep and mop your floor. Dust and stains will be cleaned but pet hair, sand and other large particle debris is best cleaned using a fully functional vacuum cleaner.

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner, 4200

The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is designed for sweeping and mopping hard surface floors. This robotic cleaner cleans the floor picking up the dust, dirt and pet hair using dry or wet cleaning cloths. The compact design makes it possible to go into small spaces, under furniture and other areas which other traditional cleaners find […]