Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner, 4200

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner, 4200
The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is designed for sweeping and mopping hard surface floors. This robotic cleaner cleans the floor picking up the dust, dirt and pet hair using dry or wet cleaning cloths. The compact design makes it possible to go into small spaces, under furniture and other areas which other traditional cleaners find hard to reach.

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner navigation system

Intelligent Navigation

NorthStar Navigation system is built into the Mint automatic floor cleaner. The system helps the robot to keep track of its movements, mapping walls, furniture and other obstacles in its cleaning path. After it completes cleaning open spaces, sets to clean along walls and furniture and returns to it original position. Sensors help the machine to detect low areas and avoid tumbling down.

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner sweeps and mop

Sweep and Mop

The Mint cleaner is capable of dual mode cleaning. Using a dry cloth, it picks up dust and peet hair from the floor. When a wet cleaning cloth is attached, it picks up deeper dirt using a special back and forth mopping motion. Press of a button is all it takes to switch from dry to mop mode.

Cleaning Cloths

Although disposable cleaning cloths are sufficient, specially formulated microfiber cloths are suggested for use with Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner. The microfiber cloth can be washed and reused hundreds of times. Both wet and dry microfiber cleaning cloths are available as starter packs with Mint floor cleaner.

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Product Features

  • Compact robotic floor cleaner
  • Can function for over 3 hours on a single charge
  • Uses North Star Navigation System to clean open areas, under furniture and tight spaces
  • Quiet operation, turning itself off when the job is complete
  • Easy maintenance as there are no bins to empty or filters to change


Mint floor cleaner is far quieter and cheaper than other robotic cleaners. It is also easier to maintain. The microfiber cloths, both wet and dry, can be washed and reused any number of times. This makes for cheap maintenance. The compact design allows to clean areas under furniture and other obstacles.


The battery charge lasts for only 3 hours and requires over 7 hours to recharge. Mint cleaner not suitable to clean large areas since the cloth gets dirty and pausing the machine to change the cloth would mean change of program settings. One biggest disadvantage when compared with other robovacs is that Mint floor cleaner cannot return to its base to charge the battery.

It is not right to compare Mint automatic floor cleaner with other robotic cleaners as its price is much lower and has features that determine its price.

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is available at limited period discounted prices with free shipping offers.

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