Miele Vacuum Cleaners – forever better

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Miele is a German company, manufacturing premier brand of domestic appliances. Their products include laundry care, dishwashing, and vacuum cleaning.
The company had its beginnings in 1899 through the pioneering efforts of its founders, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. Innovation has been the key to their success. Consistent success is possible only when continuous efforts are made to introduce better products. Innovation remains the main reason behind Miele’s business success. Quality wise, Miele products are considered better than those of their competitors. There is a fierce competition in the consumer appliance market; yet better quality, has enabled Miele’s products to compete and succeed. Their products are now available on five continents.

Long lasting – trouble free performance

Miele products are known to last long. An endurance test conducted by WfK, Germany’s independent laundry research institute, proved that of all the machines tested, Miele washing machine was the only one to function without any problem, after a test of 5000 was cycles which equals 20 years of normal use. No other brand is found to come even close to a trouble free performance during such long periods of usage.
When products last long, they do not require frequent replacement. Consumer gets value for his investment. Besides, they are a benefit to the ecology as the long lasting products save energy and natural resources.

Miele Vaccum Cleaners

Miele introduced its first vacuum cleaner in 1931. It was a canister vacuum cleaner. Since then, Miele vacuum cleaners are being produced in significant volumes, with better and more sophisticated models being introduced every year. Simple controls and attractive prices and backed up by good advertising, has helped the sales of Miele vacuum cleaners grow fast. Miele now has a vacuum cleaner that is right for every household. It has a range of models, each featuring differently….light weight and good maneuverability, sporting convenient features, powerful operation or even cordless – each has its own charm. Online vacuum cleaner reviews as well as the miele vacuum owners rate miele machines very high.
Miele’s guiding motto has been ‘forever better’. This has remained true till this day. Miele offers a simple electronic Update system, to ensure that Miele appliances remain technologically up-to-date.

Miele Bolero Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Bolero upright vacuum cleaner is sure to stun you with features never found before. The array of features makes it the best upright vacuum cleaner and is rated as such by owners and experts alike. The cleaner makes your cleaning job effortless and easy. The three standout features of this German-made vacuum are: Powerful […]