Miele Bolero Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Bolero Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Bolero upright vacuum cleaner is sure to stun you with features never found before. The array of features makes it the best upright vacuum cleaner and is rated as such by owners and experts alike. The cleaner makes your cleaning job effortless and easy. The three standout features of this German-made vacuum are:

  • Powerful cleaning
  • Superb maneuverability
  • Genuinely durable
  • Innovative Design

miele bolero swivel image

The unit comes with a patented swivel design that makes cleaning possible from every angle. The swivel neck makes the machine superbly maneuverable. The unit can lie flat on the floor. With just its 6 inch dimension projecting out, the vacuum can move under a sofa, bed and other pieces of furniture and clean the spaces under. At the push of a foot switch, the rear wheels fold into the body making the 22 lbs machine glide smoothly under the furniture.

The front wheels are made of high quality rubber. They do no leave behind any marks in the cleaning path necessitating manual cleaning. The body is built with ABS plastic, the same material that goes into the manufacture of helmets and boats. Its durability has been tested and certified to last for 20 years when used in residential cleaning jobs.

A row of eight LED lights, automatically light on when cleaning dark hallways or dimly lit spaces.

A rubber bump guards the furniture from getting damaged when the vacuum knocks against them.

miele bolero power image

Suction power

Miele Bolero is powered by a 1200 watt motor that gives tremendous suction power. The high suction power is not required on all surfaces and in fact may damage cushions or upholstery. For this reason, the vacuum comes with 6 different settings, to control the suction according to the cleaning surface. There is a secondary motor that rotates the brush roll at 4800 rpm. The power is sufficient to pick up any dust, debris or pet hair on the surface. The brush roll adjusts automatically to the surface type and shuts off when moving from carpet to bare floors. This is necessary to avoid scratches on hardwood flooring. It is possible that we may leave a toy or a piece of dress or other small objects on the floor. Those objects can choke the vacuum and damage the motor. To prevent this damage, the motor shuts off and an indicator lamp turns on red or yellow indicating an object on its path. A safety device shuts off the unit in case of over heating and thus protects your investment. An anti-tipping device prevents the unit from topping over. This is especially useful when cleaning overhead and upper areas.

miele bolero HEPA filter image

Filter system

A true HEPA filter certified by the U.S department of energy, traps all dust up to 0.3 microns leaving the air 99.9% pure. It is a blessing for those suffering from asthma and allergies. An indicator lights on when it is time to clean the filter. The patented AirClean technology features a nine layer filtration system, making it almost impossible for any dust particulate to escape into the environment. The system includes a charcoal section that catches unpleasant odor. As a result, the air you breath is not only pure but also smells good.

miele bolero Dust bag image

Dust bag

It is a bagged vacuum, which may make you wonder why the manufacturer uses dust bags when most vacuums are shifting to bagless models. Miele vacuum cleaners attach a lot of importance to a dust free environment. Emptying a dust container can often be messy and dust can escape into the environment during emptying and that is the reason the Miele Bolero Upright Vacuum Cleaner collects dust into a dust bag. The patented AirClean technology immediately shuts the mouth of the dust bag when the door for removing the dust bag is opened. This ensures that no dust escapes into the air.

miele bolero long reach image

Long reach

The vacuum has a 39 ft cord making it easy to reach a large area. This provides for uninterrupted cleaning. You do not have to stop to shift the cord to a different power outlet, when you move to another room.

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    The unit’s accessories include

  • A hose and a telescopic wand that together give the cleaner a 15 foot reach, enough to reach and clean high rise spaces
  • A dusting brush to clean delicate surfaces like curtains, cushions and upholstery
  • A long crevice nozzle that is useful for cleaning small openings, between furniture joints and cushions
  • All the accessories can be stored securely in a compartment at the back of the vacuum. This is especially useful when you are transporting the vacuum. The accessories will not fall apart.


The manufacturer gives a seven year warranty on the motor and a one year warranty on the vacuum parts. The company provides good support and in case of necessity, can be contacted by email or over phone. The company’s website provides a search function to find the dealer nearest to you. With the wide dealer network, you are sure to find a dealer close to you.


The listed features are sure to attract anyone to buy Miele Bolero upright vacuum cleaner. The stand-out features are:

  • The sleek design and the swivel neck feature make it easy to reach every area to be cleaned.
  • The suction power is good to clean every type of surface. Picks up every bit of dust including pet hair.
  • The filtration system is environment friendly and health friendly.
  • 39ft power cord along with the hose and telescopic wand with a reach of 15 ft, provide a total 54ft cleaning radius, enough to reach and clean every bit of space in the house.
  • The 7 year warranty on the motor is probably the longest given on any vacuum. It is a proof of the system’s durability.


There are very few complaints against this vacuum. The common complaints are :

  • The vacuum is expensive when compared with other upright vacuums. A vacuum with multiple innovative features is bound to cost more. Moreover, the machine is considered good for 20 years which makes it a cheap investment in the long run.
  • Weighing 22 lbs, it is heavy and may be hard to move. The high quality castor wheels and swivel feature make it easy to maneuver the machine.


Miele Bolero is an outstanding cleaner that warrants the top spot on the list of best upright vacuum cleaners. It is built tough, powerful and good for cleaning any space in every house. The filtration system is admirable.

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