How to Clean a Vacuum

Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Dynamite Vacuum CleanerYou chose your vacuum cleaner going through online reviews and ratings and may be home vacuum cleaner reviews helped you too in your selection. The brand new unit is delivered to you and you decide to test it on your floor. Wow!. You are impressed with its efficiency at picking up all the dust. The pet hair, that was embarrassing you, has disappeared into the cleaner. You are happy and you pat yourself on your useful purchase.
Your vacuum requires maintenance like any other gadgets. With little effort in maintenance, the machine can serve you in keeping your home clean, for a long time. The gadget that keeps your home clean, does need cleaning too.

How to clean a vacuum?

Cleaning the machine does not require any expert knowledge or skill. The manual that comes along with your cleaner can guide you in cleaning the unit.

Clean filters

The filters require periodical cleaning. When the filters are dirty, suction power goes down. Remove the filters after every cleaning job, clean with a brush and wash in running water. Shake dry and replace.

Clean tube and hose

The suction tube and the hose pipes may get clogged with the dirt or carpet fabric or pet hair sucked in by the vacuum. When they are clogged, suction is not maintained uniformly and the cleaning efficiency goes down. Clean the tubes and hose exhaust by blowing compressed air. If that is not available, drag out the debris using a brush or fork.

Dust container

Empty the dust container and if you find it dirty detach it from the unit and rinse and clean holding it under tap water. Wipe it dry and replace into its compartment.

Clean Brush roll

The brush roll is in direct contact with the floor and as it rotates collects dust, debris, carpet fabric,and pet hair. Carpet fabric and pet hair tend to wind around the brush and prevent the brush from spinning easily. You may have to cut the hair and fabric to remove from the brush. When the brush is able to spin easy, the motor will find it lot easier to perform. The bottom of the cleaner, in an upright should be cleared of all debris. If its clogged, the machine will not pick up dust efficiently. You will be going over the carpet again and again.

Watching the video will give you a better idea of how to clean a vacuum.

Clean the vacuum after every use. Before using, check if its clean. A clogged unit, is not going to be efficient in cleaning and will require more time and effort from you.