Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum

Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum uh70120Hoover wind tunnel vacuum has innovative features like automatic rewind cord, five position adjustment and easy maintenance HEPA filters. These features combined with the patented Wind tunnel technology offer a sleek, lightweight vacuum that is powerful to clean any home, top to bottom.

Windtunnel Technology

Hoover windtunnel pet rewind comes with the patented windtunnel technology that features airpassages which maintain suction power and capture all the dust and dirt particles and channel the same to the dirt cup, preventing blow back. This prevents the dust and debris scattering back on the floor surface.

Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum auto retract cord

Automatic Rewind Cord

The vacuum features a 27 feet power cord, that is sufficiently long to clean any large area without having to plug out and replug the power cord. The cord automatically retracts with a light tap of the foot pedal. This does away with the need for manually rewinding the cord after every completion of cleaning. A cord clip provided on the handle at the back of the unit helps to keep the cord away from the path of the cleaner.

Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum five position adjustment

Five Position Adjustment

A five position adjustment is provided to effectively clean all types of floors and surfaces. The height adjustment ensures that the roll brushes are at the right height for an effective cleaning. Hoover wind tunnel vacuum features a bush roll shut off pedal which makes it easy to shut the bush roll while moving from hard floor surfaces to carpets.

Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum filters

Easy Maintenance Filters

Hoover presents a bagless technology that maintains uniform suction power. The unit is easy to maintain. The rinsable filter, which can be cleaned in running water and the high quality HEPA filter, would require no replacement if maintained with proper care. Hoover wind tunnel vacuum has a system-indicator to indicate the status of the filters. The indicator alerts when rinsable filter, HEPA or the carbon filters require cleaning or require to be checked.

Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum accessories


A comfortable grip handle, intuitive finger tip controls, 13-1/2-inch wide nozzle and no-scuff bumper make the hoover wind tunnel vacuum, a favourite vacuum. The unit is packaged with specially designed tools for reaching out tough to reach areas. The accessories include a 12-inch extension wand, a crevice tool for suction of dust between couch cushions, corners and baseboards, an upholstery/dusting brush for draperies, furniture, lampshades and vents and a powered hand tool for removing dust, dirt and pet hair from hard-to-reach places.

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Hoover uh70210

Hoover uh70210 carries additional features. The handle can be folded down, whick makes it convenient for storage in small spaces. There is a headlight which can be switched on to illuminate dark corners. The pet hair turbo brush and easy to clean pet nozzle with rubber blades can pick and clean out pet hair sticking to carpet and in furniture edges. When you need to move from carpets to hard floors, the suction only mode pedal makes the transition easy. Just flip two levers when you need to change the belt or access the bushroll. It is that easy. The accompanying 8 feet stretch hose provides instant extended reach.

Product Features

  • Lightweight upright vacuum cleaner with superior cleaning power
  • 27 feet automatic rewind power cord
  • Five position height adjustment
  • Bagless technology
  • Easy to maintain rinsable filter and high quality HEPA filter
  • System check indicator to alert when filters need to be cleaned
  • Patented Windtunnel technology for preventing blow back
  • Comfortable grip handle, 13-1/2inch wide nozzle, no-scuff bumper and intuitive finger tip controls
  • Accessories include 12 inch wand, a crevice tool, upholstery/dusting brush and a powered hand tool
  • Addtionally, uh70210 hoover features fold down handle, headlight, suction only mode pedal and easy to clean pet and furniture nozzle with rubber blades


The sleek and lightweight Hoover wind tunnel vacuum offers superior cleaning power. The host of features make cleaning on any type of floor surface, it easy and convenient. Maintaining the filters is easy and they seldom require replacement. The system check indicator prevents damage to the filters by indicating the need to clean the filters. The superior bagless technology helps to maintain uniform suction power. The innovative features make the vacuum a very popular model.


A common complaint is that the belt slips off. The belt slips but does not snap. Retracting the belt is easy and it requires no spanners and pliers. Another complaint is that the canister requires to be emptied often. This in fact is a compliment to the vacuum as this means that the unit is able to suck in all the dust and debris and leave the surface clean.

Hoover bagless vacuum cleaner with the host of innovative features is a great buy at its price. Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum UH70120 is NOW available at DISCOUNTED PRICES along with FREE SHIPPING OFFERS for a very limited period.

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