Hoover Canister Vacuum with Power Nozzle, Bagless, S3865

Hoover Canister Vacuum S3865

Hoover Canister Vacuum S3865

This is a member of the Hoover Platinum Collection series. The Hoover canister vacuum features a multi-stage cyclonic filtration system and the WindTunnel Technology. A detachable telescopic wand and numerous on-board tools help to clean the entire home from floor to ceiling. Variety of tools and attachments make Hoover canister vacuum, an ideal partner for all your cleaning needs.

WindTunnel Technology

It is Hoover’s patented technology. WindTunnel Technology features three separate air tunnels to lift all the dirt and dust. The dirt and dust is trapped inside the vacuum without getting scattered back on the floor.

Multi-stage Cyclonic Filtration System

The air that passes through the vacuum’s filter is much cleaner than the air outside. The clean air keeps the filters clean. Clean filters ensure no loss in suction power. The filtration system consists of a rinsable filter and a high quality HEPA filter. HEPA filter traps 99.97 percent of dust, dirt and pollens of upto 0.3 mirons in size. It is safe for those suffering from asthma and other allergic reactions.

Hoover Canister Vacuum Power Controls

Intuitive Power Controls

Hoover Canister Vacuum S3865 design features finger tip power controls. The power button, suction control and bush-roll switch can be conveniently accessed. It is easy to switch on/off, the rotating brush while moving the cleaner between carpets and rugs and hardwood and other floor surfaces. There is a foot pedal control to adjust the nozzle according to the carpet heights and floor types. A 25 feet power cord eliminates the need to remove and plug the power plug. The cord automatically retracts at the push of a button. No more stopping to unwind or remove the cord out of the cleaning path.

Hoover Canister Vacuum S3865 Brush Attachment

Variety of on-board tools

  • Hoover Canister Vacuum S3865 comes with a variety of tools to perform every type of cleaning.
  • The 7-feet hose and a detachable telescopic wand to reach and clean the ceiling.
  • Turbo tool to clean the stairs and stair risers.
  • Crevice tool to clean the dirt and dust between couch cushions and other tight areas.
  • Dusting brush to remove dust in bookshelves, vents and lamp shades.
  • Upholstery brush for cleaning curtains, chairs, couches and other furniture pieces.

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Hoover Canister Vacuum S3865 Auto Cord Retract

  • Multi-Stage Cyclonic Filtration System – cleans the air before it enters the filter and thus ensures no loss of suction
  • Quality Filtration – rinsable filter and high-quality sealed HEPA system filters remove all dust, pollens, pet dander and similar allergens
  • WindTunnel technology – removes embedded dirt and does not allow to scatter back on the vacuumed surface
  • Intuitive Power Controls – suction control and brushroll on/off switch are conveniently positioned on the hand bar
  • Motorised Hose with Swivel Neck Power Nozzle – makes cleaning around corners and furniture legs easy and allows easy transition from hard floor to carpet
  • Automatic Cord Rewind – a gentle tap on the pedal retracts the power cord and so no more winding and messing around with the cord
  • Bottom Release Dirt Cup – the transparent dirt cup, lets you see the quantity of dust picked up and it is simple to empty the dust when required
  • Carpet Height Adjustment – 4 position adjustment to adjust as needed to clean all flooring types efficiently
  • Hoover Best In Class – Limited 6-year warranty
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  • Hoover Canister Vacuum s3865 comes with powerful features that make it efficient for every type of cleaning.
  • The canister is easy to use. The finger tip controls make it convenient to operate the unit.
  • The transparent dust cup is easy to remove and empty the dust.
  • The windtunnel technology provides powerful suction for efficient cleaning.


A few users have expressed that the Hoover Canister Vacuum s3865 is heavy and they find it difficult to move the unit.
While everyone agrees that the canister is great on hard floors, it does not seem to have enough suction power for carpets.

Customers using the machine, have top rated the Hoover Canister Vacuum s3865 and it enjoys a 5 year limited warranty. Home vacuum cleaner reviews recommends this vacuum . It is available at limited period discounted prices coupled with free shipping offers

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