Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners

Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners
Hand held vacuum cleaners are an alternative to the larger and heavier upright vacuums. Being small and lightweight, hand held vacuums are easy to handle. They can be carried around with little or no effort and hence are better suited for cleaning areas like a car’s interiors or stair case risers and rugs, where an upright would find it hard to reach.

What type of vacuum, hand held or upright, suits you depends on your personal needs and your environment. Your budget, functional areas, ease of operation and availability of power determine your choice of hand vacuum cleaner.

The following factors will guide you in your choice.

1.Suction power.

A powerful motor would mean a high suction power. When the vacuum has high suction power, it would be able to remove, with ease, all dirt and dust from any type of surface. However, a more powerful motor may increase the weight of the hand held vacuum cleaner.

2. Ease of operation

It should be easy to handle and operate the vacuum. It should feature user friendly controls. The dust is gathered into the dust cups. These cups require to be emptied when full. It should be easy to empty the cups and replace them into their position.

3. Attachments

The cleaners come with a variety of attachments. Assess what sort of attachments you would require for your cleaning surfaces. Hose attachments are necessary if you would be using the vacuum for cleaning your car interiors and upholstery. Crevice tools are required for cleaning stair risers, corners, small openings and under furniture. A brush roll would be more effective while cleaning carpets.

4. Battery life

Most hand vacuum cleaners are operated on battery. Battery should last for long, without needing to be charged frequently. A short battery life would mean you cannot use the vacuum for long periods. While a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner adds to easy maneuverability, it does necessitate extra effort in frequent charging and maintaining the battery life.

5. Light Weight

The biggest advantage of a hand held vacuum cleaner is its light weight. Always look for a model that is light weight. Heavier models would tire your hands.

6. Budget

The handheld vacuum cleaners being small, cost much cheaper than their heavier counterparts. Your budget does play a vital part in your choice of a vacuum cleaner.

Excerpts of the Best selling Hand held vacuum cleaners

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Dust and dirt inside your car, besides being a health hazard, can ruin your driving experience. When we step into the car, we drag along mud, dirt, leaves and other loose material into the car. Car interiors, seat cushions, and mats require regular cleaning. Manual cleaning takes time and requires a lot of effort. Using […]

Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1, 96H

Eureka Quick Up Cordless combines the features of a cordless, upright, stick, handheld vacuum cleaner. Yet it is a lightweight compact vacuum. Bush Roll Eureka Quick Up Cordless can clean both bare floors and area rugs. Mechanised bush roll makes moving from hard floor to rug areas easy. The On/Off switch for the busy roll […]

Black and Decker PHV1810

Black and Decker PHV1810 is an 18 volt cordless hand held vacuum cleaner providing the ultimate convenience of a cordless appliance. 18 volt power and high performance motor gives high suction power to pick up dust, dust particles and loose hair and fur from even small opening spaces. The cordless feature avoids all the problems […]

Eureka 71b Hand Held Vacuum

Eureka 71B hand held vacuum is a product from Eureka Forbes, a company that is most admired for its consumer durables. The company is the pioneer and leader in water and air purification systems and vacuum cleaners. It claims to be the undisputed leader in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners, having sold more than all […]