Guide to the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

We all love dogs and cats. Pets make us feel lovable. They do make our life fun and interesting. But one problem with the pets is that they shed hair. Pet hair and fur keeps flying all around the house. Pet owners know how difficult it is to clean the pet hair. The problem gets compounded if your floor is carpeted. The hairs get stuck and entangled in the carpet and it becomes difficult to remove the hair. Your guests and visitors, would be embarrassed to find pet hair all over the floor, the carpet, sofa and cushions and also flying around the house. Owning a vacuum cleaner is the best option to clean the pet hair. When it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner, you are faced with the problem of choice. There are so many brands and types of vacuum cleaners. You are left wondering what is the best vacuum for pet hair. Before deciding on the vacuum, it helps to know the required features for pet hair cleaning.

Suction Power

A vacuum cleaner cleans the surface by sucking in the dust and dirt. Suction power is what separates the best vacuum from an average one. A machine with high suction power is more efficient in cleaning the surface. They save on cleaning time and effort. Vacuums use a brush roll for cleaning pet hair. When the suction power is low, pet hair tends to wrap around the brush bristles and affects the functioning of the brush roll. The owner may have to cut open the hair to clean the brush. A cleaner with good suction power, will not let pet hair wrap around the brush. The hair will be vacuumed directly into the dust container or dust bags. Hence, choose a vacuum that has sufficient suction power.

Vacuum tubing

Vacuums feature a tube through which the dust and dirt is vacuumed. When the tube runs straight without many bends, the suction power remains good. Narrow tube reduces suction power. Bends and turns prove an obstacle to the vacuum’s suction.

Brush roll bristles

Cleaning the carpets, requires use of a brush roll. Vacuum cleaners generally feature a control switch to power on the brush roll when moving from general floor surfaces to carpet floors. The brush roll bristles should be stiff and hard, so that they are able to pick up all the hair from the carpets. Soft bristles will not pick up the hair.

Upright vacuums

Tradtionally upright vacuums were considered better suited for pet hair cleaning. Its because the uprights came in with an attached brush roll. The brush roll was motorized with the facility to power on when required. The motorized brush roll can pick up all the pet hair. However, the modern canisters feature turbo brushes which are specially designed for cleaning pet hair. So whatever advantage the uprights enjoyed over the canisters, has now been negated with technological advancements.

HEPA filter

Pet hair can cause allergic reactions. It can cause severe problems to people suffering from allergies. Pet dander, feces, urine and saliva can cause health problems. When there are children or elders at home, it is a serious cause for concern. A good vacuum should not only clean all the pet hair but also remove the odor. Some modern vacuums come with a good filtration system. The air that comes out of the vacuums featuring HEPA filters are certified 99.97% pure. HEPA filters can catch dust particles up to 0.3 micron size. They are certified by the Asthma association to be asthma friendly. Hence, choose a vacuum that features HEPA filter.

Bagless vacuum

Vacuums with dust bags require disposing the bags when full. They cannot be reused. Buying and stocking dust bags entails additional maintenance cost. When the vacuums pick up pet hair, the dust bags tend to fill up easily, requiring frequent replacement. These days bagless vacuums are common. They have a dust container built in. The dust container can be emptied when full and fitted back. It naturally means a saving on the replacement cost of the dust bags. Also, ensure the dust container is sufficiently large to gather a fair amount of dust and debris. When the container is small, you may have to stop often, in between your cleaning jobs, to empty the container.

The features listed above, should guide you in choosing the best vacuum for pet hair.