Eureka Vacuum Cleaners with energy star rating to reduce energy bill

eureka vacuum cleaners air speedFounded in 1909, Eureka, the company that manufactures Eureka vacuum cleaners, is very well known for its line of house hold cleaning products. ‘Eureka’ is a Greek word for ‘I found it’. Archimedes, the Greek physicist is said to have exclaimed ‘Eureka’, when he discovered the principle of water displacement. Fred Wardell, who founded Eureka, had a vision of the innovative products the company was going to make and hence thought it appropriate to name his company ‘Eureka’. The company offers a full line of vacuums, including uprights, canisters, sticks, handhelds, home built-in systems, battery-powered vacuums, steam cleaners and home cleaning systems. Known for power saving capabilities, Eureka Vacuum Cleaners proudly display Energy Star Rating, meaning potential savings on energy bills. The innovative Eureka envirovac uses 33 percent less energy than a standard upright vacuum without sacrificing performance.
Consumers Digest has recognized Eureka Boss SmartVac as a “Best Vacuum” and “Best Buy”.
The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design awarded the Year 2007 Golden Design Award to the Eureka Capture vacuum.

Air Speed technology

Eureka introduced the AirSpeed technology in 2010. The patented AirSpeed technology does away with the traditional hose system. The hose that is long and full of twists affects the vacuum’s suction power. AirSpeed replaces the long hose with shorter and wider tubes that allow more airflow to go through the vacuum resulting in a powerful, deep clean. The direct air path from floor to the dust cup reduces the distance the dirt, sucked up by the vacuum, has to travel. This increases the airflow and improves the suction power. Another tube on the right acts as an exhaust system. By placing this tube behind the dust cup instead of at the head, the airflow in and out of the dust cup is equalized, improving the air flow through the cleaner.
In keeping with its concern for the environment, Eureka vacuum cleaners are designed with vacuum bags and filters that eliminate odors without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1, 96H

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Eureka 71b Hand Held Vacuum

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