Eureka 71b Hand Held Vacuum

eureka 71b hand held vacuumEureka 71B hand held vacuum is a product from Eureka Forbes, a company that is most admired for its consumer durables. The company is the pioneer and leader in water and air purification systems and vacuum cleaners. It claims to be the undisputed leader in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners, having sold more than all the other brands combined.

Product Description

Eureka 71b hand held vacuum is powerful with 5.5 amp power. Being a hand held model, it eliminates the hassles of lugging along a full fledged vacuum cleaner. It is convenient to clean small openings, upholstery and auto interiors. It comes with two motors; one motor drives the brush head and the other motor provides the suction power.

Eureka 71b hand held vacuum rotating brush head

Rotating Brush Head

The rotating brush head is used for cleaning flat and hard, wood and tiled surfaces. The cervical tool can reach small openings and corners which cannot be cleaned using the brush head. It is convenient for cleaning furniture edges and stair risers.

Eureka 71b hand held vacuum riser visor

Riser Visor

An innovative feature of the Eureka 71b hand held vacuum is the Riser Visor. It is a plastic cover that stays closed while cleaning horizontal surfaces but flips open to enable the brush roll clean sofa upholstery and vertical carpet on the staircase.

Eureka 71b hand held vacuum dust cap

Easy empty dust cup

This hand held model needs no dust bags, as it is a bagless model. It eliminates the spending on changing dust bags. There is a plastic cup in the place of dust bags. The cup can be emptied when needed and replaced after washing clean.

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Product Features

  • Brush Roll to clean carpet areas, flat and hard surfaces
  • Cervic tool which can reach small openings, corners and stair risers
  • Powerful vacuum cleaner with 5.5 amp power allows deep cleaning
  • Double motor, one motor driving the brush roll and the other giving the suction power
  • No bag to change, only a plastic cup that can be replaced after emptying the dust
  • 20 ft long cord with a wrap for storage
  • Weighs just 5 pounds, easy to carry around
  • Convenient to clean carpets, tiled areas, staircase carpets, furniture edges, car interiors,
    corner spaces and small openings


We have found the Eureka 71b hand held vacuum very powerful and convenient in cleaning sofa upholstery, carpets and small spaces. Absence of dust bags eliminates recurring expenditure. The cervic tool is very helpful for reaching acute corners, small openings and furniture edges. Pet owners would find this feature very helpful, as the unit can suck out all the hair and fur stuck to the carpet, upholstery and furniture joints.


It is heavy to carry around for long periods. Hands do get tired when carrying it for long periods of time. This problem can be overcome by switching off the unit and resting in between.

We conclude that Eureka 71b hand held vacuum comes with great many features not usually found in other hand held models. This feature rich cleaner comes at a price that is worth a buy. The vacuum is now available at limited period discounted prices with free shipping offers.

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