Dirt Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright M084650RED

Dirt Devil Dynamite Vacuum Cleaner
Dirt Devil Dynamite true to its name, blasts all the dirt and dust in its path. The dynamite features dynapower technology. The technology gives the vacuum strong suction power. A powerful motor combined with a revolving brush pick and trap all the dirt and dust from deep within the carpets. Dirt Devil dynamite features an unique scatter guard nozzle. The nozzle traps all the dirt and debris on hard floor surfaces. The scatter guard protects delicate floor surfaces from scratches. Automatic height adustment makes the cleaner ideal for both carpet and hard floors. The upright weighs less than 9 pounds. Lightweight and compact size makes the bagless vacuum perfect for every day cleaning. The dirt devil comes with a retractable handle. This feature makes it convenient to store the vacuum anywhere. The feature rich vacuum comes with HEPA filter. The filter traps 99.94 per cent of the common allergens. This makes it an asthma friendly vacuum cleaner. Dirt and dust collects into a dust container. So there is no need to buy a vacuum bag. A 25 feet cord combined with lightweight and compact size makes the dirt devil dynamite easy to move from room to room.

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Product Features

  • On-board tools and stretch hose make above floor cleaning quick and easy
  • Lightweight, less than 9 pounds, makes it easy to pick up and move
  • Click-lock handle lowers the handle upto 31 inches making it easy to store the vacuum
  • Bagless sytem saves on recurring costs on buying vacuum bags
  • Automatic height adjustment- No more stopping to adjust when moving from hard floor surface to carpet surface
  • 25 feet cord-avoids changing plug sockets
  • Accessories – Extension wand, dusting brush and crevice tool for all type of cleaning
Dirt Devil Dynamite lightweight


Dirt Devil dynamite comes with strong suction power, powerful to blast all dust and dirt. Lightweight and compact size makes it easy for anyone to handle the vacuum. It is easy to assemble the unit and no tools are required. It can be used on both hard floor and carpet surfaces.


The compact little vacuum is ideal for small areas or apartment.


Dirt Devil dynamite is a best seller in its class on Amazon. It has a four star rating with 329 customer reviews. The vacuum is priced cheap when you consider all its features. Vacuum cleaner reviews recommends the vacuum as a good buy at its price. The vacuum is now available at limited period discounted prices with free shipping offers.

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