Vacuum Cleaner Reviews by Brand Category

There are many brands of vacuum cleaners as well as types of vacuum cleaners. Vacuum Cleaner Reviews lists the vacuum cleaners under their respective brands. These brands have been selected based on customer reviews and customer ratings.

These are the best selling brands, rated high for the quality of their products and their service support.

Bosch was started in 1886 and since inception, social responsibility has been the driving force behind all its inventions. According to some statistics, home appliances account for a third of all water and energy consumption. This has influenced the company's innovations to develop environment friendly and energy efficient products. Bosch has put its resources to [...]

Rainbow Vacuum thumb image

Vacuum cleaners collect the dirt and dust sucked in during the process of cleaning, into dust bags or dust containers. Some of the dust particles may escape through tiny pores in the dust bags or small openings in the dust containers or during the process of emptying the collected dirt and dust. This dirt and [...]

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Shark is a brand of cleaning appliances, developed by Euro-pro. Euro-pro has been in the business of providing quality home appliances for over a century. It manufactures kitchen appliances under the well known brand, ninja blenders. Euro-pro originated its business in Europe and later moved over to America and now has its headquarters in Massachusetts. [...]

Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele is a German company, manufacturing premier brand of domestic appliances. Their products include laundry care, dishwashing, and vacuum cleaning. The company had its beginnings in 1899 through the pioneering efforts of its founders, Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. Innovation has been the key to their success. Consistent success is possible only when continuous efforts [...]

Mint Robotic Cleaners

Mint Robotic Cleaners are from the house of Evolution Robotics. The company's vision was to deliver an appliance that could automatically clean hard floors. The traditional methods of cleaning not only need a lot of effort but also consume time. The modern day busy consumer wants convenience without sacrificing cleanliness. The modern homes already enjoy [...]

Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaners

Black & Decker, maker of Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaners, is a global manufacturer of quality power tools and home improvement products. The company’s products are valued all over the world for innovation, quality and value to the end users. Black & Decker continually innovates to develop small, lighter and better performing home cleaning products. [...]

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners

Manufacture of vacuum cleaners, now under Dirt Devil, was first started in 1905. This makes it the world’s oldest brand of vacuum cleaners. Dirt Devil Hand Vac, an innovative new vacuum, was introduced in 1984. It grew to become the most sold hand-held corded vacuum cleaner in United States. TTI Floor Care North America are [...]

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson,originally commenced its operations in UK. Its product popularity carried it all over the world. You can now find dyson vacuums in 45 countries. The company produces all types of vacuum cleaners – uprights, canisters, handheld, cordless. Dyson brand of vacuum cleaners are designed for homes with pets and are suitable for every floor type. [...]

Hoover Vacuum cleaners

Hoover is a household name for one of the most trusted brands of vacuum cleaners. It has been America's home cleaning since 1908. It has been inventing better methods of cleaning. Carpets, hard floors, window treatment - everything is taken care of. They have built the vacuums in keeping with the changing trends and lifestyles [...]