Understanding Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

carpet vacuum cleaner
Carpets add beauty to your home and warmth to your feet. They protect the floors from all the spills and stains. Dirt and dust hiding under the carpets are often the cause of allergies and asthmatic attacks. Hence, it is absolutely essential to keep the carpets clean. Cleaning with carpet vacuum cleaner is the best method of keeping your carpets clean.

There are two types of carpet cleaner vacuums. One is the dry carpet cleaner and the other is the steam vacuum cleaner.

Dry Carpet Cleaner

As the name suggests, no liquid is used for cleaning in this cleaner. On the other hand, cleaning chemicals are used. Dry cleaners are useful for cleaning carpets which experience a heavy traffic like in malls, schools and churches.

Steam Carpet Cleaner

These days, most carpet vacuum cleaners are in fact steam vacuum cleaners.

This type of vacuum carpet cleaner uses steam as the cleaning agent for carpets. It creates steam from the water stored in its base and sprays the steam as fine mist on the carpets. Rotating brushes help to extract the water and solution into a waste water container. In this process, carpets are subjectd to deep cleaning. The water content in the carpets is vacuumed simultaneously, leaving the carpets dry.

Steam vacuum cleaners are better suited for cleaning carpets. They are found to be very effective in removing dust and bacteria present in the carpets.

Before steam cleaning the carpet, it is always advisable to clean the carpet thoroughly, to trap and remove all the dirt particles and debris on the carpets. After the cleaning too, the carpet should be re-vacuumed to remove any wet content and keep the carpets dry.