Car Vacuum Cleaner

Dust and dirt inside your car, besides being a health hazard, can ruin your driving experience. When we step into the car, we drag along mud, dirt, leaves and other loose material into the car. Car interiors, seat cushions, and mats require regular cleaning. Manual cleaning takes time and requires a lot of effort. Using a car vacuum cleaner is the quick and easy way of cleaning the dirt and dust embedded in your car’s interiors.
These vacuums are essentially handheld vacuum cleaners and hence are lightweight and portable. It becomes easy to clean every space inside your car. Most of these cleaners come with a variety of attachments to make your job of cleaning the car, quick and easy. Nozzles, crevice tool help you reach the vacuum’s airflow and suction to the smallest of spaces, tight corners and small openings. Cleaning job takes very little time and does not tire you and hence you would never postpone cleaning your car to another time. As a result you will always be stepping into and driving, a clean car.

How to choose a car vacuum cleaner

There are certain features that you must look for when choosing a car vacuum cleaner. These features will help to make cleaning your car, an enjoyable experience and not a detested chore.

Powerful suction

car vacuum cleaner
A vacuum cleans using its suction. Higher the suction power, easier, faster and better the cleaning. A powerful suction will help to pick up the tiniest of dust particles from even the smallest spaces and openings. The small size should not lead you to believe that handheld cleaners cannot be powerful. Some of these portable machines pack a lot of power.


car vacuum cleaner
Remember you would be having very little space inside the car to move about comfortably. Your vacuum cleaner should be light weight and portable so as to move around with ease. The design should be such that it is easy to handle it. The cord connecting the vacuum should be long enough to reach the nearest power source. These days it is common to find cordless vacuums which operate on battery. But the cordless machines cannot operate continuously for long durations of time.


The car vacuum cleaner of your choice should come with a variety of attachments to accomplish every type of cleaning. Nozzles help to reach the suction to every type of space inside the car. A long hose allows to reach and clean far out areas. Some of these machines do come with wet and dry cleaning capabilities which can be helpful in cleaning spills.

A vacuum cleaner with the above features will be your companion for eliminating dirt, dust, spills and other debris finding their way into your car interiors.