Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister Vacuum Cleaners
In a Canister Vacuum Cleaner, the body and the suction head are separate. The body holds the motor – the heaviest component of the unit. The hose and nozzle are attached to the suction head. The body is wheeled and is pulled behind the user while he holds the hose with the nozzle directed at the areas to be cleaned.

There is a never ending argument over which type is better – the canister or the upright. There can be no definite answer to this question. It is the environment and the usage that decides which is better.  A perusal of the pros and cons of the canister will help us decide on whether the upright or the canister is better suited for our cleaning.


  • Canister vacuum cleaners are generally lightweight units. This makes them ideal for moving around large areas. The head follows the user as he holds the hose and the wand. It becomes easy to pull across any type of flooring – concrete, tiled, wooden or carpeted.
  • The biggest advantage of a canister is its easy manoeverability. The hose and nozzle can vacuum hard-to-reach spaces. A canister is better suited for cleaning areas having lot of furnitures as it can reach spaces under the tables, chairs and other furnitures where an upright would find it hard to reach.
  • Another advantage is easy storage. The unit can be easily pushed into a small closet. It requires very little space for storage as it can stand on end. These days, canisters come with retractable power cords, which makes it even more convenient to store.


  • The critics claim that hauling the canister unit behind requires energy. Its path needs to be cleared of all obstacles.
  • Ease of cleaning under the furniture heads does have a disadvantage. The edges and legs tend to get damaged in the process.
  • Canister vacuums are generally require change of rotating brushes while shifting from carpet floors to bare floors. The manual change does interfere with the flow of cleaning. The modern canister do come with an option to switch off the rotating brushes.
  • Canister vacuum cleaners are generally more expensive than uprights.

In conclusion, we may add that Canister Vacuum Cleaners are a better option for those who have to clean multiple surfaces ranging from concrete to tiled to carpeted to hard wooden floors. If you have to clean lot of furniture and drapes, look for a unit that comes with versatile tools for the purpose. When the area to be cleaned is large, ensure that the vacuum comes with long cords and hoses. If you have to shift between multiple floors, look for a canister that is lighter in weight.

The best selling Canister vacuum cleaners

Hoover Canister Vacuum with Power Nozzle, Bagless, S3865

Hoover Canister Vacuum S3865 This is a member of the Hoover Platinum Collection series. The Hoover canister vacuum features a multi-stage cyclonic filtration system and the WindTunnel Technology. A detachable telescopic wand and numerous on-board tools help to clean the entire home from floor to ceiling. Variety of tools and attachments make Hoover canister vacuum, […]