Bosch Vacuum Cleaners

Bosch was started in 1886 and since inception, social responsibility has been the driving force behind all its inventions. According to some statistics, home appliances account for a third of all water and energy consumption. This has influenced the company’s innovations to develop environment friendly and energy efficient products. Bosch has put its resources to innovate and develop some of the most energy efficient and economical house hold appliances.

Vacuum cleaning

Social responsibility being the guiding principle, Bosch has worked towards protecting our environment. Cleaner environment promotes disease free healthy living. The work to provide a cleaner environment starts at home. That is why Bosch vacuum cleaner delivers a cleaner home, making sure the air in your home is clean. Like all other Bosch products, these vacuum cleaners are energy efficient.
The latest models and their outstanding features are listed below :

Bagless vacuum cleaners

    bosch bagless vacuum cleaner

  • The bagless vacuums feature Unique SensorBagless Technology that results in incredibly quiet and powerful performance. The technology guarantees minimal maintenance for the cleaner
  • They are powered by a 2200 watt motor, that has enough power to thoroughly clean any surface type.
  • The cleaners come with a special all floor nozzle set. It has the power to easily clean every surface type – carpet, hard floor and upholstery
  • Innovative fully automated SelfClean System helps you avoid contact with dust during the filter cleaning process
  • The filter system features HEPA hygienic filter system. Allergy sufferers can breathe easy as the exhaust air from the machine is cleaner than the normal air in your house

Bagged Vacuum cleaners

Bosch vacuum cleaners, the bagged type, are built to clean floors of all kinds quickly and conveniently. They feature Hepa filter and 2500 watt power to present you with a pure and clean environment.

    bosch bagged vacuum cleaner

  • The powerful 2500 watt motor delivers extra-thorough cleaning
  • The extra-long cable enables you to operate the vacuum in a 15 m radius; this saves you from the tedious task of changing sockets
  • The EasyFollow System combined with extra-robust textile suction hose with 360° ball joint connection result in perfect maneuverability.
  • The washable HEPA hygienic filter lasts for life and hence saves on maintenance costs. The filter is suitable for allergy sufferers. The air that exits from the cleaner is cleaner than the normal air in your house — without the need to buy any other products
  • Special All Floor nozzle set is built powerful for cleaning carpet, hard floor, and upholstery

2-in-1 hand sticks

    bosch hand-held vacuum cleaner

  • The stick vacuums feature a cordless vacuum with a detachable hand-held vacuum
  • They are particularly ideal for cleaning areas which need a quick clean-up
  • The battery has an operating time of up to 36 minutes.
  • They feature two power levels for a faster and efficient cleaning.
  • The detachable hand-held vacuum with 300 ml capacity gives you the convenience of reaching out door spaces and car interiors
  • The vacuum can be folded. This makes for easy and convenient storage.