Black and Decker PHV1810

black and decker phv1810 vacuum cleanerBlack and Decker PHV1810 is an 18 volt cordless hand held vacuum cleaner providing the ultimate convenience of a cordless appliance. 18 volt power and high performance motor gives high suction power to pick up dust, dust particles and loose hair and fur from even small opening spaces. The cordless feature avoids all the problems related to adjusting the length of the cable and worrying about the cable snapping. This makes it easy to use compared to the hassle of lugging around an ordinary vac. This Pivot Vac is small and foldable. This feature makes its storage easy.

black and decker phv1810 pivot nozzle

Pivoting Nozzle

The vacuum comes with an on board brush and an extendable crevice tool. There are no loose attachments requiring to attach before operating the unit. An innovative feature of this cleaner is the 10-position pivoting nozzle. The nozzle can be adjusted to easily reach any not-easily-reachable corners or small openings.

black and decker phv1810 filter system

Filter System

The handheld vacuum is fitted with a three stage filtration system. The air blown out into the atmosphere is filtered off all the dust and allergens. This provides for a cleaner environment. The filters are washable and simple to maintain.

This bagless model collects the dust in a dirt bowl. After emptying the dust, when required, the bowl can be washed clean and fitted back. The repetitive expenditure on buying dust bags is eliminated.

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Product Features

  • Black and Decker phv1810 is a small, quiet and easy to clean vacuum
  • It’s a cordless model, eliminating the problems relating to handling a cable
  • 18 volts of power and high performance motor delivers high suction power
  • Innovative 10-position nozzle can reach and clean every corner and opening
  • No dust Bags providing for savings on expenditure on replacing bags
  • On board brush and extendable crevice tool eliminates need for loose attachments
  • Three stage filtration system eliminates dust and allergens going into the atmosphere
  • Easy to clean dust bowl


Black & Decker Vacuum Handheld has a good suction power to pick up dust, dirt particles, hair and fur from carpets, hard floors, upholstery, garages, automobiles and furniture edges. The small size and ability to fold into half makes storage easy. The adjustable nozzle makes it easy to clean corner and small spaces, furniture edges and upholstery. It does not require spending on purchase of dust bags.


It is a bit heavy for operation for long period of time. The battery life is short. We found that these problems
can be avoided by using the pivoting hand vac in small intervals.

Our recommendation

Black and decker phv1810 is a small but powerful cleaner. The ease of use and trouble free maintenance makes it a favorite vacuum for the small cleaning jobs around the house and garage. It is NOW available at a limited period discounted prices and comes with free shipping offers.

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