BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum 81L2T

BISSELL Poweredge Hard Floor Vacuum
It is said that the BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum captures debris and dust which can otherwise be done only by a broom and dustpan. The vacuum captures debris and dust in corners and small open spaces. It is great on catching pet hair on rugs and along furniture edges. The unit requires no extra attachments.
The BISSELL PowerEdge comes with an innovative suction technology. The V-shape base helps to capture both large and fine dust particles. The V-shaped wipers force the large dirt particles into the vacuum’s center suction path. The fine dust particles are cleaned by the suction along the arms. The shape of the base makes cleaning, along baseboards and in tight places, very easy. There is no need for a brush roll. The large suction path means reduced usage and cleaning effort.
An excellent feature of the bissell poweredge pet is that the wipers are made of hair attracting rubber material. The hair that is left out by the suction is picked up by the hair attracting wipers. The suction and wipers combine to pick up more hair than suction alone. Pet owners would find this feature immensely helpful.
This unit is lightweight and versatile which makes cleaning, around furniture legs and on areas with rugs, easy.

BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum V-shape

Product Features

  • V-shaped design for cleaning edges and along baseboards
  • Base has wipers made of hair-attracting material to pick up dirt and pet hair
  • Maneuvers easily around furniture
  • Most suitable for hard floor surfaces
  • Weighing just 7.5 pounds, it is lightweight and versatile
  • Bagless with easy to empty dirt cup

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BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum Suction Tech


Bissell poweredge pet is an outstanding dry floor cleaner with great suction power that picks up everything. It maneuvers very well and can be moved in all directions making it easy to move around the furniture legs. The bagless operation saves on cost. The dust cup is easy to empty. It is the best pet vacuum for pet owners as it picks up all the hair from furniture edges and rugs.


The bristles, when new, leave scratch marks on shining wood floors. The marks can be noticed only on shining floors. Moreover these marks are only on the top polish and not on the wood. On matt floors, this is not an issue. Also, when the bristles get a little used up, this is never an issue.

BISSELL PowerEdge Hard Floor Vacuum has a customer star rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5.
With its host of features, it is a good buy at the quoted price. The vacuum is now available on a limited period discounted prices with free shipping offers.

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