Which is the Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum?

hardwood floor vacuum

Hard wood floors have replaced the traditional concrete and tiled floors in houses. Hard wood flooring adds luster to homes. It does sport a luxurious feel and appearence. To make the gloss and feel last for long and to avoid damage or discoloration, the floor needs to be maintained with care. Dust, dirt and dirt particles are the biggest enemies of wood floor. They can scratch the flooring and cause irrecoverable damage. Hence, it is necessary to clean the floors frequently. Cleaning with a broom and dustpan may not be effective, as they may stir up the dust that may get re-deposited on the floor again. Cleaning hardwood floors with vacuum is probably the best way to keep the floors clean. This leads us to the question, what is the best hardwood floor vacuum? In choosing the best vacuum for hardwood floors, find a vacuum that does not scratch the wood floor. A canister vacuum with a soft bristle suction can be the best option. An upright vacuum with rolling beater bars will cause scratches and dents in the wooden surface.

Awareness about the different types of vacuums will help in choosing best hardwood floor vacuum.


Bagless vacuum cleaners channel the dust and debris into a dust container. The containers would need to be emptied when full. Emptying and refitting the containers can be irritating sometimes. Also, the bagless units have filters which would need regular cleaning or replacement. The advantages are that they are less expensive to maintain as they save on bags cost.


Here the dirt and dust collects in a bag which, when full, is simply thrown away and replaced with an empty bag. They may have built in filters which filter the air passing through the unit. People with allergies may find this a better option. However, maintenance is costly as the replacement bags do bite your wallet.


These are easier to handle. They can be lugged along from place to place. These cleaners are generally found to be better for cleaning carpets.


Canister cleaners do not, generally, have bags. They are convenient for cleaning spaces under furnitures and other hard to reach areas and tough-to-clean locations. They are easy to use for cleaning stairs and can easily be moved from place to place.

Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum

If you need to vacuum hardwood floor in a big house, you may have to carry the unit from room to room. Then choose a model that is light and can easily be moved around. If you are prone to allergies, then look for the best bagless unit with a good filtration system that can trap all the allergy triggering particles. Also find a cleaner that has dust container and filters which are easy to empty and clean. If you have pets, then find a vacuum that has pet hair removal attachments.

Hoover Bagless Vacuum Cleaner features a three stage filtration system that can catch all the dust in the air passing through the vacuum. The filters are easy to maintain and if maintained properly would not require replacement for a life time. The system check indicator alerts when the filters need attention. The unit is sleek and lightweight; yet has powerful suction and comes with an easy-to-clean Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool. It also comes with a bush roll shut off pedal that makes the transition from hardwood floor to carpet easy. These innovative features make hoover bagless vacuum cleaner a good candidate for best vacuum for hardwood floors

Another strong contender for the best hardwood floor vacuum is Bissell Cleanview Helix which combines most of the feaures found in the premium bagless models but is available at only half the price of the other highly rated models. It has a powerful suction with 12amps power and features HEPA filtration. With a 3.5″ cleaning range and two rotating brushes and a full complement of attachments. Bissell Cleanview Helix is a good choice for those under a budget.


In conclusion, we may say, what is the best hardwood floor vacuum depends on the variety of factors listed above. The size of the house, the size of rooms, existence of tough-to-reach areas and staircase, ownership of pets and finally your budget are the major considerations while finding a vacuum for hardwood floors.