Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaners

You are here looking for an inexpensive vacuum? You would need to put in an extra effort than normal. But it would be worth the extra effort because it might help you find the best cheap vacuum cleaners. Choosing a cheaper alternative does not mean finding any vacuum that is cheapest in price. The cleaner of your choice should suit your needs. It should have all the features that are required for efficient cleaning of your home.
There are different types of vacuum cleaners with different features with differing functionality. A basic understanding would help you in your choice.

Upright or Canister?

The most important decision you would have to make would be whether to buy an upright or a canister model. Upright vacuum cleaners are generally the most common type. They are capable of cleaning large surface areas. Uprights are ideal for cleaning large carpet areas. Canister or cylinder types are less expensive and are easier to store as they take up less storage space. They are suitable for cleaning bare floors, stair cases, acute corners and tight areas.


When you have decided between upright and canister, there are host of other features to consider before making a final decision. These features are generally common in both the types of vacuums.


This is an important feature to consider especially when there are people suffering from asthma and other allergies. Filters catch the dust and dirt particles sucked in by the vacuum and prevent the dust from escaping back in the air. When the filtration is efficient, it does not allow any dust to pass through. There are different types of filters:

Stage Filters:

They filter the dust in stages. Each stage features a different type of filter. There can be up to seven stages of filters.

Lifetime filter:

These filters last a life time meaning you would not need to change the filters during the life term of a vacuum cleaner. You just need to shake off the dust and wash the filter in running water before refitting, at regular intervals. You end up saving on the cost of replacing filters. A typical vacuum lasts from 7 to 10 years.

HEPA filters:

They are the most popular type of filters. They can filter up to 99.9% of the dust and particles of up to 0.03 micron size, which typically means the air that is exhausted is very pure. Hence, these filters are health friendly and are useful for people suffering from allergies.

Charcoal filter:

It is an extra layer of filter, added to remove foul smells. It is especially helpful in homes having pet animals.

Bagged or Bagless?

In a bagged cleaner, the dust is collected in to a bag which when full, is removed and disposed off. The dust bag cannot be reused and hence would mean a recurring expenditure on buying replacement dust bags. One advantage of bagged machines, is that dust does not escape back into air as there is no emptying.
In the case of bagless machines, dust is collected in to a dust container which can be emptied when full and refitted back. There are no bags to buy. Bagless vacuums are expensive when compared to their counter parts but the extra investment is worth as there is a saving in the long term on the cost of dust bags. One disadvantage here is that emptying the dust container can be often messy and dust can escape back into the atmosphere.

Suction power

A vacuum’s cleaning efficiency depends largely on its suction power. Higher the suction power, better and faster the cleaning. Suction power in turn, generally depends on the motor wattage. More the wattage, higher the suction power. However, there are other factors like airflow and the design, which determine the suction power. In the uprights, there is a brush with bristles that cleans the floor surface. The brush type also contributes to the suction power. In many cleaners, you will find variable controls to control the rotary brush according to the type of floor surface. These days it is common to find vacuums with dual motors, one motor directly driving the brush roll.


Vacuum cleaners come with a number of attachments to aid different types of cleaning. These attachments often extend the cleaning functions of the machine. The crevice tool helps to clean acute corners and tight areas. The upholster dust can clean sofas and curtains. Dusting brushes aid in removing dust from furniture heads, and other small areas.

Extra Features

The auto cord rewind helps to easily store the cord powering the machine.
Dust level indicator indicates the level of dust in the dust container. It takes away the guess work from the need to empty the dust container.
Dust container capacity: The dust container should be able to hold sufficiently large quantity of dust. A small container would necessitate frequent emptying of the container.
Telescopic extension tool is useful reach the vacuum to higher areas and clean spaces like the ceiling and top of storage spaces.
Having studied the different features, you should be now in a position to decide on the type of vacuum cleaner and the features that are necessary for cleaning your spaces. Next we will discuss on the cheaper purchase options.

Online purchase

Online stores like Amazon, offer vacuums at cheaper prices. Cheaper prices does not mean that you get used or worn out machines. Online stores are able to offer better prices since they save on physical storage and display costs. However, disadvantage of buying online is that you will not be able to test the model before buying. You may need to put in a little extra effort walking to your nearest store or super market where you can test and try the model of your choice. This extra effort is worth as it can help you avoid buying a vacuum that does not suit your needs.

Cheap vacuum deals

Research and compare the prices of the model in different outlets. The effort will help you save on your investment. Try and postpone your purchase until the January or summer special sales when you may be able to get the vacuum of your dream at the cheapest price.
Here is a list of the best cheap vacuum cleaners. The vacuums listed below are chosen on the basis of customer reviews and customer ratings on