Bagless vacuum cleaner Vs Bagged vacuum cleaner

Which is better? A bagged vacuum cleaner or a bagless vacuum cleaner? This is the oft repeated question when someone decides to buy a vacuum. Choice of a vacuum cleaner type is more of a personal preference than a matter of vacuum peformance. A listing of the pros and cons of the bagged and bagless types would help you in deciding which is a better model for you.

bagless vacuumcleaner
Bagless Vacuum cleaner
This type of cleaners have become popular over a period of time. In a bagless unit, the dust trapped and picked by the vacuum is collected in a dust container. When full, the dust container needs to be removed and after emptying the dust, fitted back into its position.

It is obvious that bagless units cut out the need for buying replacement dust bags. The savings in replacement costs is the main argument in favor of bagless vacuum cleaner.

The dust collected in the container may spill over and spread into the environment again. This could cause problems to allergy sufferers.
Removing and refitting the dust container could be a bit messy too.

Bagged vacuum cleaners
bagged vacuum cleaner
In the case of bagged vacuums, dust collects in dust bags. These dust bags can be removed and disposed off and replaced with new bags.

The dust bags securely hold all the dust and hence there is no problem of the dust spreading into the atmosphere. Obviously, this is hygienic and would cause no problems to allergy sufferers.
The bags don’t necessitate changing very often and changing the bags is easy.

The dust bags cost money and add to the maintenance cost of the vacuum.
You should maintain an additional supply of bags at hand.

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