Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners
Bagged vacuum cleaners use dust bags to capture the dust that is vacuumed up. The bag acts like a filter. It is made of paper or fabric. The bag traps the dust and dirt in the air that passes through the vacuum. The bags are disposed with the dust, when the dust reaches disposable level. The bags are not reusable.

Bagged upright vacuum cleaners have declined in popularity in recent years. The cost involved in buying the dust bags is the main reason for decline in popularity of the bagged vacuum cleaners. But they do have many advantages. For example, bagged upright vacuum cleaners are more hygienic and suited to many asthma and allergy sufferers because they do not expose you to dust when emptying the bag. They also offer low maintenance, with little filter cleaning required.

That said, bagged upright vacuum cleaners do have disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that suction power falls as the bag fills and unless the vacuum cleaner has a full bag indicator light, it’s always easy to see when the bag is full. Bagged vacuum cleaners also require replacement bags. This involves cost. Further, one has to always keep an eye on the stock of disposable bags. It may be difficult to find the specific type of bags used by the particular brand of vacuum cleaner. Hence it would be necessary, to always hold a stock of the disposable bags.
Review of Best selling Bagged vacuum cleaners

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